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  • Think CCIE. Think Octa Networks.
  • Octa Networks had finish AWS course with excellent feedback
  • CCIE Collaboration batch starting from 25th July 2020
  • CCIE Service Provider batch starting from 25th July 2020
  • Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow
Octa Networks
  • All Courses Available from Online!
  • Study from home!
  • Think CCIE. Think Octa Networks.
  • Octa Networks had finish AWS course with excellent feedback
  • CCIE Collaboration batch starting from 25th July 2020
  • CCIE Service Provider batch starting from 25th July 2020
  • Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow

Our Recent Placement Stories



Oregon Systems

30 Lacs/pa

Ankur Malik

Ankur Malik


20 Lacs/pa

Disha Dikshit

Disha Dikshit

Kingston University

United Kingdom
36 Lacs/pa

Pardeep Sahota

Pardeep Sahota


18 Lacs/pa

Placement Track Record which makes us Proud

Zeeshan Sanaullah

CCIE Security #63439

Yesid Rodriguez

CCIE Collab #64724

Waseem Ullah

CCIE Wireless #61136

Vinod Charpilwar

CCIE Collab #64572

Vidur Batra

CCIE Wireless #62366

Vaibhav Vishnoi

CCIE DC #35853

Utkarsha Asthana

CCIE Wireless #63464

Thunaiselvam Ramasamy

CCIE DC #10740

Tarun Gaur

CCIE Collab #64505

Syed Imteyaz Ahmad

CCIE Wireless #63059

Swati Sharma

CCIE Collab #63344

Swapnil Dhanawade

CCIE DC #63824

Supakorn Visutthicho

CCIE Wireless #43646

Sunil Ali

CCIE Collab #65214

Sumit Kumar Sharma

CCIE Collab #62560

Sulfi Salahudeen

CCIE Collab #63672

Suhaib Khader

CCIE Wireless #62576

Sinto PT

CCIE Collab #63501

Sijoy Jose

CCIE Security #29527

Sidi abdul

CCIE DC #62691

Siddeeq Sathar

CCIE Security #41144

Shubhi Nigam

CCIE Collab #63373

Shipra Chhibber

CCIE Collab #64656

Shameem Syed

CCIE Wireless #59882

Shakiel Chandler

CCIE DC #58601

Shahir Thayyullathil

CCIE Collab #65238

Sebastian Ramirez

CCIE SP #63084

Saumya Saxena

CCIE Collab #64246

Sanjay Kadam

CCIE RNS #63254

Sandeep Gupta

CCIE Wireless #63415

Salim Chalil

CCIE Security #50187

Sajesh C K

CCIE Collab #62648

Sai Eswar Gantasala

CCIE Collab #64482

Rufus D

CCIE Collab #62655

Ruben Renato Huamani Huarcaya

CCIE Collab #64159

Robert Horn

CCIE Collab #63273

Rizwan Akram

CCIE Security #63017

Rishabh Sankhala

CCIE Collab #64762

Ravi Kalyanaraman

CCIE Collab #62561

Ranjith Rajasekharan

CCIE Collab #63551

Ranjit Chandra Barman

CCIE RNS #63999

Raghas Naveed

CCIE RNS #63002

Rafiqul Islam

CCIE Security #65015

Priyam Acharya

CCIE Collab #64514

Pravin Mishra

CCIE DC #43614

Pratik Pathak

CCIE SP #63462

Prashant Chavan

CCIE Security #64769

Pramod Gunwardana

CCIE Collab #62584

Pradyumna Garg

CCIE SP #63599

Parag Rathiwadekar

CCIE DC #27366

Osawaldo Leal Montaa

CCIE DC #64226

Omer Javed

CCIE Collab #65311

Olanrewaju Justice Anyai

CCIE Collab #64347

Noveel Anjum

CCIE SP #65253

Nipun Gaindhar

CCIE SP #62711

Nilesh Gore

CCIE RNS #63099

Nikhil Gupta

CCIE SP #64222

Naveen Kumar

CCIE DC #63743

Murlidhar Lilhare

CCIE DC #57518

Muralidharan Subramanian

CCIE Collab #62690

Muhammad Wali Butt

CCIE SP #56587

Mudasser Ilyas

CCIE Collab #65295

Moises Perez

CCIE Collab #63069

Mohsin Majeed

CCIE Collab #63660

Mohit Singh

CCIE Collab #62360

Mohit Mohan

CCIE Collab #63603

Mohd Saberuddin

CCIE Collab #64414

Mohammed Azher Ali

CCIE Wireless #41573

Mohammad Mousa

CCIE DC #62632

Mohamed Mustafa Yehia Mohamed

CCIE DC #63658

Mohamed Maher Gohar

CCIE Collab #63468

Mohamed Hesham

CCIE Collab #62634

Mohamed Elnashrty

CCIE DC #63372

Mayur Patil

CCIE DC #47340

Marco Castro

CCIE Collab #63215

Manoj Mistry

CCIE RNS #63798

Manas Behera

CCIE DC #45416

Lovy Lonappan

CCIE Collab #63481

Linkson Nelson

CCIE Security #62516

Layla Abu Nejem

CCIE Collab #63093

Lakshay Jain

CCIE Collab #64937

Kuruva Karunakar

CCIE Collab #64520

Kumaresan Muthukumaraswamy Pillai

CCIE Collab #64673

Kuheli Sarkar

CCIE Wireless #62409

Khurram Zia

CCIE Collab #62738

Karthik Sridharan

CCIE Collab #62408

Kamran Tanwir

CCIE SP#63846

Kamran Shahzad

CCIE SP #63311

Justice Anyai

CCIE DC #41595

Juan Venter

CCIE DC #63667

Joseph Francis

CCIE Collab #63796

Jose Postigo

CCIE DC #64254

Jose Miguel Montoya Sierra

CCIE Security #54349

Jianmei Chen

CCIE Collab #62683

Jeyakumar Sathurappan

CCIE Wireless #62437

Jean Lafrano

CCIE Collab #62514

Jayant Anand

CCIE Collab #62526

Javeen Kizhissery

CCIE Collab #62478

Janinder Jain

CCIE Collab #63459

James Utu

CCIE SP #64470

Ilya Petrashkevich

CCIE SP #56350

Idris Aminu

CCIE DC #50432

Ian Todd

CCIE Collab #63151

Hussien Taiwo Adeiye

CCIE DC #62725

Hitesh Kumar

CCIE Collab #41788

Harshang Solu

CCIE SP #60804

Harmeet Singh Bhare

CCIE Collab #64690

Hanspeter Lauper

CCIE DC #63509

Hamid Ahmed

CCIE Collab #62659

Haiyu Dong

CCIE Collab #54467

Gundavarapu Midhun Kumar

CCIE Wireless #63209

Gunasani Vamsi Krishana

CCIE Collab #65011

Gilles Frederick

CCIE Collab #63533

Gaurav Gondhi

CCIE Collab #63611

Erkan Bal

CCIE DC #55431

Enock Mugita

CCIE Security #56918

Divya Jain

CCIE Collab #65219

Dipesh Shah

CCIE Security #46054

Dijesh keloth

CCIE SP #40902

Diego Alexander Gomero Cruzatt

CCIE SP #63687

Dhanesh KP

CCIE SP #63930

Devender Singh

CCIE SP #64437

Deepak Nair

CCIE Collab #63410

David Calderon Garcia

CCIE Collab #63094

Dancan Meso

CCIE SP #64097

Chong Hsi Oon

CCIE DC #63036

Chethan Krishna

CCIE RNS #63752

Chandra Praveen Kollepara

CCIE Collab #63669

Bradley Huet

CCIE Collab #63789

Binu Santhakumaran

CCIE Collab #65260

Bhushan Dilip Kamble

CCIE SP #49727

Bhaskar Dwivedi

CCIE Wireless #63024

Bazeed Shaik

CCIE Collab #62828

Barasa Imbaya

CCIE DC #63657

Balendra Kushwah

CCIE SP #63794

Azeem Farrukh

CCIE Collab #64996

Ayantola Olaayan

CCIE Collab #64974

Attique ur Rehman

CCIE Collab #62718

Askin Cakir

CCIE Security #35909

Asim Ullah

CCIE SP #60850

Ashutosh Mishra

CCIE Collab #64363

Arulselvan Radhakrishnan

CCIE Wireless #62749

Arpit Dugar

CCIE Collab #63198

Anurag Srivastava

CCIE Collab #63529

Anoop Bharathan

CCIE DC #63805

Andrei Tanase

CCIE DC #64547

Anchal Doegar

CCIE Collab #65210

Amod Joshi

CCIE DC #52115

Amir Rashidi

CCIE SP #57101

Amandeep Singh

CCIE Collab #64737

Aman Sardana

CCIE Collab #63584

Ali Abdul Khaliq

CCIE Collab #63368

Alexandre Semenov

CCIE DC #28499

Ajit Singh

CCIE Collab #63779

Ahmed Salah Hussein

CCIE Collab #62684

Ahmed Elshorman

CCIE DC #54143

Ahmed Ahmed Elgohary Elghonimy

CCIE Collab #64864

Ahmed A M Soliman Hamad

CCIE Collab #64637

Aditya Shandilya

CCIE Collab #63634

Abiodun Owolabi

CCIE Security #63080

Abel Mabona

CCIE Collab #64716

Abdul Haseeb Ali Malik

CCIE Wireless #63470

Abdallah Makkouk


Vaibhav Dhawan


Gaurav Singh Sikarwar


Akanksha Shrivastava


Jahesh P.K


Koshy Ninan


Niyas KT


Momen Adel


Akhil Gupta Nidumukkula


Abhijit Kadam


Ankur Malik


Pranav Mhatre

CCIE Security #60982

Sathish Pichai

CCIE Security #23349


CCIE Security #60831

Rajul Parikh

CCIE Security #55951

Yasoda Palachulla

CCIE Collab #59580

Sanup Narayan

CCIE Collab #59658

Ansar Javaid

CCIE Security #59465

Swapnil Gupta


Ali Butt

CCIE DC #59077

Rajesh Kumar


dongHaiyu Dong


Kishan Kumar


Gaurav Jagtap


Norwyn Phillips


Terence Payet


Idris Jafarov


Deepankar Mitra CCIE

Security #60752

Pratik Mohite

CCIE Security #60337

Amrit Varsha

CCIE Security #60436

Sarinda Supun S

CCIE R&S #60548


CCIE Security #61321


CCIE RNS #61674

Adeel Shahzad

CCIE Security #61786

Akbar Shaik

CCIE Security #38104

Rahul Mundhe

CCIE Security #61837

Vaibhav Agrawal

CCIE Security #61744
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Mr. Sumit Sharma
Mr. Jayant Anand
Mr. Sidi Abdul
Mr. Mohit Singh
Mr. Ebrima Kebbeh

Students working at home in India after our CCIE training program

  • Harish NairCCNA
    Country: India
    It is an amazing experience from #Octa Networks Octa Networks The training they are providing for CCNA Security is awesome. The lecture by @Munavar khan is wonderful. The way he explaining and relating technical stuffs with our real life example is amazing. Special thanks to #Joaquim Fernanders and #Arshad Dhunna for giving us such a great opportunity to learn.
  • Mohammad GouseCCNA, CCNP
    Country: India
    Congratulations to you from my side for your start-up. Octa Networks is good place to learn the Networking concepts in depth with the help of real time experienced faculties. And the institute is offering free CCNA and CCNP training to students. I really appreciate your support and guidance which you guys are providing for freshers and experienced persons.
  • Gaurav KabreCCNA Data Center
    Country: India
    Currently, I am taking CCNA Data Center training which is lead by Mr. Ronak Vyas. I appreciate his efforts in guiding and explaining the DC concepts. Also, he answers all the questions or doubts raised by the participants after explaining the topic. Mr.Ronak very well explained step by step on concepts like UCS, OTV and VPC in Lab rack setup practically.
  • Ravindu YasangaCCIE
    Country: India
    One of my friends recommended about this to me and unfortunately I ignored him for few months. Later I agreed him joined their classes. Since then I was blaming myself for not joining before. They are excellent in technology classes. They have students worldwide. If you want to get your #CCIE_Digit this is the right place for sure. When it comes to RnS classes, Sancchit Puri, You are the best!!

Students working at home in Abroad after our CCIE training program

  • Sibghatullah MujdadiCCNA
    Country: Pakistan
    I am Very Pleased with the study Mr.Munawar Khan teaching Method was very professional Great learning center.
  • Aldrin LuigiCCIE
    Country: Abroad
    I am very pleased with the study material, teaching methodology and professionalism of Octa Networks staff. The support team and rack equipment are also very good. I highly recommend it!
  • Supakorn Visutthicho Cisco CCIE
    Country: Abroad
    Highly recommend for wireless training. If anyone want to join and get knowledge and certificate. Octa is your answer.
  • Robin TeotiaCCIE Wireless
    Country: Abroad
    I have joined Octa networks for CCIE Wireless Lab Exam and i found it is one of the best training institute. Octa Networks has extensive course material and including LAB with all time support. Big thanks to the entire network Octa team. Our Trainer Mr. Dan is putting excellent skill to make us learn in such a interesting way.

Stay Ahead with Octa Networks

Octa Networks has specialized itself in Job guaranteed courses after thorough discussions with industry experts like Hiring Manager, Technical Managers, Team leaders, HR, Recruitment Officers and much more. The courses are designed as per industry needs and are planned in such a way that candidate is guaranteed to get a job after successful completion of the training.

Octa Networks is the only cisco training Institute in India to give you “On Paper Job Guarantee” the day you enroll for our CCIE program.

Octa Networks is also world’s largest and only cisco training Institute having real devices for ALL CCIE tracks. Candidates can touch and feel routers, switches, next generation firewalls, next generation IPS, nexus 7000, nexus 9000, wireless controllers, access points, IP phones and basically all the devices used in all of the cisco CCIE tracks. No training center in the world houses all of the CCIE devices under one roof.

Octa Networks is the World’s only Cisco Training Center with 2 x Octa CCIE's as Mentors with 25+ years of experience among themselves and has one of the best Cisco CCIE Certified Trainers to motivate, nurture and guide you throughout your Cisco Certification career path.

Our Candidates are working with the best of the IT companies in the world like Cisco, Amazon, Vmware, World Wide, Dimension Data, NTT, Orange, Accenture, Tech-Mahindra, HCL, TCS, Wipro, British-Telecom, Mphassis, Intuit are just few names from the never-ending list.

Our candidates are not only working in India but also in countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Australia and many more countries. Their salary packages vary from 10 to 50 Lacs INR per annum in India and 100,000 to 300,000 USD (60 Lacs to 2 cr. in INR) per annum in international countries.

100% Job Guarantee Courses

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Training and Placement Process

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