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  • All Courses Available from Online!
  • Study from home!
  • Think CCIE. Think Octa Networks.
  • Octa Networks had finish AWS course with excellent feedback
  • CCIE Collaboration batch starting from 25th July 2020
  • CCIE Service Provider batch starting from 25th July 2020
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VCAP-NV Deploy training and certification in Mumbai, India

Course Highlights

  • Training Mode
    Online & Onsite
  • Learning Method
    Lecture & Self-Study
  • Duration
    1 Month
  • Training Hours
    2 Hours per day
  • Hands on Labs
  • Study Material
  • Certificate
  • Batches
    Weekdays (Mon-Fri) & Weekend (Sat-Sun)
  • Price
    Enquire now

 VMware Certified Advanced Professional — NV (Deploy) Course Overview

Virtualization Technology has added a whole new dimension to IT world. It has proved its great significance and importance. Virtualization technology has remarkably enhanced performance with ease of management, added redundancy, scalability and lot more along with reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Today Virtualization is core requirement of Infrastructure and just not a choice.

Be the part of most demanding technology in IT Industry – Network Virtualization. With growing demand for IT Professionals who are expert in vmware, there is need to accelerate your learning and acquire skills that can make you Globally Competent Professional.

VMware being today the largest virtualization vendor there is huge demand for vmware certified professionals in all enterprise sizes to install and maintain virtualization infrastructure. More than 75% of all servers installed on-premises are using vmware platform (bare metal hypervisor – esxi). At Octa Networks we are dedicated to impart best vmware training with vmware certification.

Our faculties being Industry experts can help you to understand core concepts of virtualization and cloud computing through real time scenarios and demonstrations using enterprise level datacenter setup. Labs included in vmware training helps you to implement your knowledge and acquire skills required to perform day to day activities as a vmware administrator. 

At Octa Networks, we have designed our VMware course syllabus to provide conceptual understanding with hands-on experience. We offer online training for VMware professional and advance level certification courses. Our expert trainers will provide you in-depth concepts from basic to advance. We cover each topic with deep lectures and lab practices which provide clear understanding about topics.

We offer comprehensive facilities for VMware training such as industry expert trainers, virtual lab, classroom lab, 24*7 lab access, 24*7 lab support, workbook, and many more.

The primary focus of this VMware certification course training is that, you will learn fundamental concepts of virtualization, build your skills and knowledge strong, and enhance your professional credibility by taking this course. We offer fundamental, intermediate and advanced cloud course to the aspirants.

Octa Networks is based in Mumbai, India and offers various networking courses training including AWS. We are pioneer, reliable and the best institute for Vmware training in Mumbai, India.

VCAP — Network Virtualization (Deploy) Course details

Total Course Duration

  • 1 month of Instructor-led classroom training
  • 1 month of instructor-led online training

Who should enroll?

  • Anyone having Diploma, BA, BCOM, BSC, BE or BCA Degree.
  • Network engineers looking for the enhancement of their skills and acquire in-depth know-how in Virtualization technology based on their interests or professional-level job roles.
  • VMware Professionals who want to improve their competencies
  • Professionals who aspire to obtain VMware Certification

What is VCAP - NV (Deploy) Course Curriculum?

Octa Networks have designed the course curriculum for VCAP - NV (Deploy) in alignment with the guidelines provided for 3V0-643 Certification.


Before taking this course, candidates should be familiar with

Training Outline:

NSX Overview

  • The software-defined datacenter Overview
  • VMware vSphere Overview
  • VMware NSX Overview

Management & Control Plane Components

  • NSX Management
  • NSX Controller
  • VMware NSX Manager
  • VMware NSX Controller cluster

Logical Switch Networks

  • Ethernet fundamentals
  • VMware vSphere Distributed Switch
  • Switch link aggregation & VLAN
  • VXLAN logical switch networks
  • VMware NSX Controller replication

VMware NSX Logical Routing

  • Routing protocols
  • VMware NSX logical route
  • NSX Edge services gateway

VMware NSX L2 Bridging

  • L2 bridging and use cases
  • L2 software bridging
  • L2 hardware bridging

NSX Edge Gateway Services

  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • load balancing
  • NSX Edge high availability
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Configuring L2 VPN
  • Configuring IPsec VPN
  • Configuring SSL VPN-Plus

NSX Firewall and Security Services

  • NSX Edge firewall
  • VMware NSX distributed firewall
  • VMware NSX data security
  • Service Composer
  • Identity-aware Firewall

Cross-vCenter VMware NSX

  • Cross-vCenter VMware NSX feature Overview
  • Cross-vCenter benefits
  • Cross-vCenter Configuration
  • Cross-vCenter VMware NSX Deployment models

NSX Operations

  • NSX role-based access control
  • Analyze NSX flow monitoring data
  • Create Firewall rules
  • Modify firewall rules
  • Configure security groups and security policies with Service Composer
  • NSX Component
  • Bridging, NAT, DHCP and DNS
  • Management System Settings

Using SpoofGuard

  • Create a SpoofGuard Policy
  • Approve IP Addresses
  • Automatically Trust IP Assignments
  • Manually Inspect and
  • Approve
  • Edit an IP Address
  • Clear an IP Address

NSX User Management

  • NSX Users and Permissions
  • Configure Single Sign On
  • Managing User Rights
  • Managing the Default User Account
  • Assign a Role to a vCenter User
  • Disable or Enable a User Account

NSX Cli Commands

  • NSX Manager Commands
  • NSX Central Commands
  • NSX Edge Commands
  • Standalone NSX Edge Commands
  • NSX Host Commands
  • NSX Controller Commands

Hands-on Labs?

Deploy VMware NSX Infrastructure components

  • Deploy the NSX Manager virtual appliance 
  • Integrate the NSX Manager with vCenter Server Configure Single Sign On to Specify a Syslog Server 
  • Implement and Configure NSX Controllers 
  • Exclude virtual machines from firewall
  • Connect with Vcenter Client

Prepare Host Clusters for Network Virtualization

  • Prepare vSphere Distributed Switching for NSX 
  • Prepare a cluster for NSX  Add/Remove Hosts from cluster
  • Configure the appropriate teaming policy for a given implementation
  • Configure VXLAN Transport

Configure and Manage Transport Zones Skills and Abilities 

  • Create Transport Zones according to a deployment plan 
  • Configure the control plane mode for a Transport Zone 
  • Add clusters to Transport Zones 
  • Remove clusters from Transport Zones Tools

Create and Manage Logical Switches Skills and Abilities 

  • Create/Delete Logical Switches 
  • Assign and configure IP addresses 
  • Connect a Logical Switch to an NSX Edge 
  • Deploy services on a Logical Switch
  • Connect/Disconnect virtual machines to/from a Logical Switch
  • NSX Edge CLI configuration
  • Configure and Manage Layer 2 Bridging 
  • Connect Layer 2 Bridging to the appropriate distributed virtual port group

Configure and Manage Routing Skills and Abilities 

  • Deploy the appropriate NSX Edge (ESG/LDR) device according to a deployment plan 
  • Configure centralized and distributed routing 
  • Configure default gateway parameters 
  • Configure static routes
  • Select and configure appropriate dynamic routing protocol according to a deployment plan:  OSPF ,BGP ,IS-IS 
  • Configure route redistribution to support a multi-protocol environment

Configure and Manage  Logical Load Balancing : 

  • Configure the appropriate Load Balancer model for a given application topology 
  • Configure SSL off-loading 
  • Configure a service monitor to define health check parameters for a specific type of network traffic 
  • Optimize a server pool to manage and share backend servers 
  • Configure an application profile and rules 
  • Configure virtual servers

Configure and Manage Logical Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Skills and Abilities 

  • Configure IPSec VPN service to enable site to site communication 
  • Configure SSL VPN service to allow remote users to access private networks 
  • Configure L2 VPN service to stretch multiple logical networks across geographical sites

Configure and Manage Additional VMware NSX Edge Services Skills and Abilities 

  • Configure DHCP services according to a deployment plan: Create/edit a DHCP IP Pool  Create/edit DHCP Static Binding Configure DHCP relay

Configure and Manage Logical Firewall :

  • Configure Edge and Distributed Firewall rules according to a deployment plan
  • Create/configure Firewall rule sections and Identity-based firewall specific users/groups
  • Configure SpoofGuard policies to enhance security 
  • Filter firewall rules to narrow a scope

Create/configure Service Composer according to a deployment plan: 

  • Configure Security Groups Configure Security Policies Configure Activity Monitoring for a 

Security Policy 

  • Create/edit/delete Security Tags

Backup and Restore Network Configurations

  • Schedule/Backup/Restore NSX Manager data
  • Export/Restore vSphere Distributed Switch configuration 
  • Export/Import Service Composer profiles 
  • Save/Export/Import/Load Distributed Firewall configurations

Monitor a VMware NSX Implementation

  • Configure logging for NSX components according to a deployment plan 
  • Monitor health of networking services 
  • Monitor health and status of infrastructure components: vSphere NSX Manager Control Cluster 
  • Enable data collection for single/multiple virtual machines
  • Implement identity service support for Active Directory, NIS, and LDAP with Single Sign- On (SSO)                 
  • Manage User rights: Assign and change user account role Delete/disable/enable a user account

Configure Cross vCenter :

  • Configure NSX manager roles (Primary, Secondary, Standalone, Transit) 
  • Deploy/configure Universal Controller Cluster 
  • Configure Universal segment ID pools 
  • Create/manage Universal transport zones

Configure and Manage Universal Logical Network

  • Create/configure Universal Logical Switches 
  • Create/configure Universal Distributed Logical Routers 

Configure and Manage Universal Logical Security 

  • Configure Universal MAC sets 
  • Configure Universal IP sets 
  • Configure Universal security groups 
  • Configure Universal firewall rules

Troubleshoot Common VMware NSX Installation/Configuration Issues 

  • Troubleshoot NSX Manager services 
  • Troubleshoot NSX Controller cluster status, roles and connectivity 
  • Troubleshoot Logical Switch transport zone and NSX Edge mappings 
  • Troubleshoot Logical Router interface and route mappings 
  • Troubleshoot distributed and edge firewall implementations 

Troubleshoot VMware NSX Connectivity 

  • Monitor and analyze virtual machine traffic with Flow Monitoring 
  • Troubleshoot virtual machine connectivity 
  • Troubleshoot dynamic routing protocols

Troubleshoot VMware NSX Edge Services Issues 

  • Troubleshoot VPN service issues 
  • Troubleshoot DHCP/DNS/NAT service issues 
  • Troubleshoot Logical Load Balancer implementation issues 

Utilize API Commands to Manage a VMware NSX Deployment

  • Administer and Execute calls using the VMware NSX vSphere API 
  • Construct and execute an API call using correct syntax and formatting 

What to expect in the exam?

  • VCAP-NV Deploy certification validates that you know how to deploy and optimize VMware NSX environments. It proves that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage best practices to provide a scalable and reliable virtualized network for your organization.
  • To get certified, you require to pass the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Network Virtualization Deployment (3V0-643) examination

What Devices are used during Hands-on Labs?

What Jobs are available after the course?

  • VMware Admin
  • System administrators
  • Systems engineers
  • Network administrators
  • Network Security administrators

Do you provide Placement Assistance, post completion of the training?

We are 100% committed to offer placement assistance to our students. Industry approved Resume Templates are provided to candidates as guidance to assist them in writing their resumes. We also provide students with FAQ interview questionnaire to help them prepare for their job interviews.

What is expected salary after the VCAP - NV (Deploy) Training Course?

On an average a VCAP - NV (Deploy) with 3-5 years of experience gets salary in the range of INR 50,000 to 75,000 per month in India.

After VCAP - NV (Deploy) course, what is the Next Step?

Learning never stops. We always recommend VCAP-NV Design. There is huge demand for VMware Network Virtualization certified Engineers. These training and certification will establish your authority as an industry expert and provide you better career opportunities in the market.


Exam Name Exam Code Duration Cost Registration:

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Network Virtualization Deployment


2 Hours 450 USD Pearson VUE

Lab Setup


Training Plan & Schedule

Training Plan & Schedule

VCAP - NV (Deploy) Training
Batch Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Weekend (Sat-Sun)
Mode Classroom / Online Classroom / Online
Hours 2 Hours/Day  4 Hours/Day 
Duration 1 Month 2 Months
Date Course Training Type Batch Register
10 August 2020 VCAP - NV (Deploy) Classroom / Online Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Enquire now
15 August 2020 VCAP - NV (Deploy) Classroom / Online Weekend (Sat-Sun) Enquire now
24 August 2020 VCAP - NV (Deploy) Classroom / Online Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Enquire now
29 August 2020 VCAP - NV (Deploy) Classroom / Online Weekend (Sat-Sun) Enquire now

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Frequently Asked Question

Standard cost for VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Network Virtualization Certification Course cost is Rs 30,000 per participant.We keep on giving exciting discounts to our participants. Check the current discounted price by calling us on +91 89766 76689. You can also drop an enquiry email at [email protected]and one of our executive will get back to you asap.

Yes, we do have a group and corporate discount packages for classroom training programs. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to know more about group discounts.

Of Course! How else will you go through the topics you heard about then? We provide soft copies of the entire study material to you right after the training session!

Each VCAP certification is valid for a period of 2 years following the date on which you successfully pass the applicable Certification Exam

Yes. We do have our racks where you can have hands-on.

The amount we take is for the training only.

We keep arranging lucrative discounts for our previous participants. Drop a query regarding this and one of our executives will inform you regarding this right away!

If you are stuck or in another city or not being able to make it to our classroom for any reason, you can attend our Online training sessions from home.

According to Glassdoor, In India, anVCAP-NV certified gets an average salary of INR 6 Lacs per annum

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