Fly Me a trainer

With quick growth in technological styles and skillset required by companies, the need of regularly updating one’s professional memo gets major importance. While technology becoming old in matter of no time, it becomes very important for IT professionals to update their technical skills in order to grow and become valuable for their own organizations. Keeping this in mind, Octa Networks has started terminus with outstation training for IT Professionals on continuous travel providing them an chance to change the destiny of their professional exists ever.

Our Fly a Trainer allows professionals all over the world to boost their skillset even when they are travelling to and fro or are on vacations. Be it any place in India or Abroad, Octa Networks guarantees to deliver excellent Fly a Trainer facilities to candidates worldwide. Be it any part of the world, our certified qualified trainers are always there to train you as per your chosen location, timings, and schedules.

We offer Fly a Trainer using two modes of training that is:

Online Training: which is trainer led face to face training using WebEx or Skype.
On-site Training: which is flying a trainer to your chosen location, training you as per your own suitability and learning pace.

OCTA NETWORKS Fly a Trainer Highlights

All you need to do is choose from the wide variety of options given and follow the below mentioned process:

  1. After confirming the course, you need to update us so that we can share the concerned course’s duration, cost and other relative information.
  2. After confirming your taken up course and relative information, we book your slots and trainer.
  3. Choose a hotel of your own choice. We can even support you on the same.
  4. Book your flight and apply for visa.
  5. Confirm your dates with us so that we can send our trainer to your location.
  6. Start your training as per your own suitability.

Note: All the costs of the trainer will be accepted by us, you just need to pay the preferred fee for the chosen course.

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