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Octa Networks is the premier institute for networking trainings in India. Founded in 2009, Octa Networks offers advanced trainings in Associate, Professional and Expert level in Routing & Switching, Security and Voice track certifications which are offered by Cisco Systems. Octa Networks’ head office is located in Gurgaon.

Octa Networks has World’s Largest Cisco Labs which are well equipped with latest Cisco racks and devices and are open 24×7 for students so as they can practice according to their feasibility. Octa Networks technical team is entirely CCIE certified and have remarkable experience in networking industry.

Octa Networks provides trainings in courses like CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Wireless, CCNP R&S, CCNP Voice, CCNP Security, CCNP Data Center, CCIE R&S V5, CCIE Voice/Collaboration, CCIE Security V5 and MCSE 2012.

A Training Institute with Visual Difference – Octa Networks

Octa Networks Journey

Octa Networks’ astonishing achievements in a short span of 8+ years is more than commendable. Octa Networks is a global leader in providing quality networking trainings in the most synchronized manner which eventually creates a thought provoking environment for young talents. Octa Networks has achieved fairly well recognition of the sole provider of best placement records and outstanding trainings to students over the globe.

Octa Networks has created strategically tested methodologies which are perfectly aligned together by diversely skilled technical team that willfully pledges to take responsibility to groom raw talents into young IT professionals.


Octa Networks with its unlimited buying power has developed an infrastructure which is well suited to the training requirements of students. Having World’s Largest Cisco Labs, Octa Networks have laid the foundation of best networking training institute all over the world. The Labs of Octa Networks are fully equipped with latest Cisco racks and devices according to the Cisco equipment checklist and furnish the required licenses and software.

Octa Networks Labs are well equipped with 1841, 2611xm, 2801, 2811, 2911, 3640, 3825, 7204 routers; 3550, 3560, 3750 Switches; ASA 5510, 5515x, 5512x Series Firewalls, IPS 4240 and 4255, WSA Iron port S170, ISE 3315, WLC/AP; IP Phones, Call Managers/MCS and all other required devices.

The Labs operate 24×7 under the supervision of highly qualified CCIE certified experts. Along with this, Labs have full technical and management support round the clock. Octa Networks have provided a splendid infrastructure in its Gurgaon office which rightfully fills every single requirement of students training needs with a hope that with the provision of healthy environment and optimized world class trainings, desired results come following i.e. ultimate job placements.

Technical Team

Octa Networks is proud to introduce India’s Star, First hepta CCIE and youngest CCDE in the history of India’s Cisco Certifications

Mr. Joaquim Fernandes Hepta CCIE #26908 + CCDE
CCDE#2016::28 | 7xCCIE#26908 | PMP# 1410861 | VCIX-NV | MCSA

– Enterprise LAN/WAN network design based on best practices, standards, and previous experiences.
Service Provider: network design of MPLS, InterAS, L3VPN, L2VPN, Metro Ethernet / VPLS, SP Multicast networks, IOS XR.
– Data Center: Cisco UCS-B, FCoE, N7K/5K/2K/1K, vPC/OTV, secure and scalable large scale data center designs, FC/iSCSI.
– Routing protocols: EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP.
– LAN: 802.1q, spanning-tree, Q-in-Q.
– WAN: Frame Relay, PPP, ISDN, PRI, T1/T3, ATM, PPPoE.
-Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, indoor and outdoor wireless networks, security, management, controllers.
– Voice: IP telephony, Unified Messaging, Contact Center, VoIP, H323, SIP, PoE, Paging. Enterprise multisite IP telephony design and installation. Integration of new breed VoIP systems with legacy PBX TDM environments. Implementation and development of Contact Centers and IVR scripting.
– Video: Integration of Voice and Video over IP systems, IP Videoconferencing.
-Security: data center security, PKI, stateful firewalls, VPN, 802.1X, BYOD, firewall, Cisco CX/FirePower, threat detection and mitigation, wireless network security.
– Wide Area Application services: optimization, caching, content delivery, file services.
– Authentication: AAA, Radius, TACACS+.
– Network Management & Monitoring: SNMP, RMON,management solutions, DNS, Network Probes.
– Storage Networking: Fibre Channel networks, FCIP, iSCSI, FICON, FCoE
– Cisco implementations of QOS, NAT, HSRP, GLBP, VRRP, and other technologies.
Immediate Goal – VCIX-DC
Next Goal – JNCIE ENT / SP / Security

Octa Networks is proud to introduce India’s Star, First hepta CCIE and youngest CCDE in the history of India’s Cisco Certifications
Mr. Arshad Dhunna Hepta CCIE #27253 + CCDE
7x CCIE#27253 + CCDE#20170056 / VCIX-NV

7x CCIE # 27253 / CCDE 20170056 + VCIX-NV Implemented Tata communications (IPT/IPCC) project. Troubleshooting and upgrade for companies e.g Cap Gemini, DHL, Marsk India Ltd Specialties: Cisco Voice / Collaboration – Datacenter

Octa Networks’ technical team dedication is reflected in its job placements as Octa Networks has positioned itself as the most promising networking training institute for consistent job placements and fashioned trainings.

100% Job Guaranteed courses

Octa Networks has designed these integrated programs in such a way that job placement is assured post the successful completion of the training program. It’s a recommended track specifically designed by Octa Networks. Octa Networks proudly offers 100% written job guarantee to students who enroll for CCIE level courses like-

This program includes courses: CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice and CCIE Voice/Collaboration.

These 100% job guaranteed courses are designed for fresher students explicitly. Experienced professionals can also avail these courses as this would benefit them in respect to salary package, designation, power and position.

What makes Octa Networks different from others?

Octa Networks has incredibly positioned itself as the best institute for networking training and has earned a position globally well in terms of provision of training facilities, training methodologies and placement records. Octa Networks gives parallel attention to two vital strings that earns an institute a worldly recognition i.e. Knowledge and placements. While other institutes are busy generating number of CCIE in the industry, Octa Networks have kept placements a priority.

  • Octa Networks is the only institute in North India who has all the lab equipment required for CCIE Security V5 certification training.

  • Octa Networks is the only training institute in India offering CCIE R&S V5 training on Fully Equipped labs as per Cisco Lab equipments checklist.

  • Octa Networks focuses on knowledge and practical based trainings rather than theoretical trainings.

  • Octa Networks provides Cisco devices and racks facilities 24×7 for students and lab mentors who are CCIE certified.

  • Octa Networks understands deeply that students invest huge amount of money in their trainings and accordingly have designed trainings and management procedures which would assist students comprehensively.

Octa Networks has won several awards for its outstanding work.

The Octa Networks Advantage

Octa Networks is a place where a student goes through intensive trainings which are structured specially by skilled and experienced professionals who are entirely dedicated towards students’ welfare. Octa Networks not just only imparts trainings but also grooms the student keeping in picture students’ overall development. Octa Networks through its intuitive trainings is blazing careers of many students worldwide and continues to serve the networking training industry through its innovative ideas and extensive management services.

With highly skilled trainers who are CCIE certified and have remarkable expertise in networking industry; training becomes more than learning as students can inherit part of their experience.

Octa Networks also provides:

  • Personality Development Sessions

  • English Accent Sessions

  • Mock Interview Sessions

  • Technical Interview Sessions

  • Silent Zone and Discussion Zone for students

  • World’s Largest Cisco Labs open 24×7

  • Career Counseling to students

Octa Networks understands that students pay hefty amounts to get quality trainings and hence has designed the trainings with cohesive training management that intends to bring maximum placement and passing rate.

Modern Training- An affirmative and directed approach

Octa Networks has incorporated Modern Training Methodology which is more superlative than Traditional Training Methodology which usually other institutes follow nowadays.

Aspects of Modern Training Methodology

  • One-On-One interaction with trainers in case of queries/doubts

  • New age classrooms with upgraded teaching tools

  • Racks and Devices availability within the classrooms

  • Group discussions to trigger more clarity of topics

  • Lab facility 24×7 for students

  • Trainings through well-established training techniques

  • Training materials created specifically by CCIE experts

  • Personality development sessions

  • Silent Zone and Discussion Zone for students

  • Scaled trainings according to latest Cisco Blueprints

  • Primary focus stays on making student learn and practice theoretical as well as practical concepts

  • Career counseling to students online as well as face-to-face

Global Presence

Octa Networks from the year of its foundation has created an idealistic image of best networking training institute. Starting from the provision of refined trainings, application of superior class training methodologies and having the best placement record; Octa Networks have earned the position of best networking training institute globally.  Students from countries like Nigeria, Angola, England, USA, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Africa, Malaysia, Sweden, Congo, Iraq, Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong and other countries have come to Octa Networks to enroll themselves for courses like CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP R&S, CCNP Security, CCNP Voice, CCIE R&S V5, CCIE Security V5,CCIE Voice/Collaboration and MCSE 2012.

Global admissions have always encouraged Octa Networks to perform par excellence from its own set benchmark. Octa Networks provides hostel facilities, transport facilities, food facilities and other necessary basic amenities.

Vision and Mission

Octa Networks is passionately committed to enhancing the technical knowledge of students, corporate professionals by providing cutting-edge, high-value technical training that allows them to brilliantly serve their organizations.

Core Values of Octa Networks

Octa Networks is a corporation of diversely skilled technical team and management team who work conversantly and efficiently to position Octa Networks at momentous heights. This is a result of Octa Networks follow up of certain set of Core Values such as:

  • Octa Networks believes in “Success Proves Quality”; Quality is itself shelved when Success comes knocking. Octa Networks to its infinite capabilities is inclined towards shaping the careers of young IT Aspirants.

  • Octa Networks have created a thought provoking environment for students so that they can get more and more from their training experience.

  • Octa Networks follows a moralistic approach towards its work responsibilities. Every employee of Octa Networks is aspired and centered towards one single goal i.e. towards students’ welfare.

Goal of Octa Networks

Octa Networks aims to implement highly innovative ideas and rationalized training methodologies in an appropriate proportion and nurture raw talent along with a zest to perform exceptionally and position itself at the top of IT training industry. Octa Networks through its unlimited buying power and corporate alliances pledges to provide its students with resources which are appropriate to the learning need. Octa Networks through its 8+ year goal plan intends to embark itself as the superlative school of IT trainings all over the globe.

Work Environment & Culture within Organization

Octa Networks has developed a rational approach towards the establishment of a standard work culture. Octa Networks follows the mantra of constant work along with perseverance. To provide world class trainings, one has to follow few key concepts which are essential to head on the road to success. These key concepts are morals, positive attitude and innovation. Octa Networks has implemented innovative training methodologies which have cultivated success itself.

Octa Networks technical team and management team works with full intent and dedication to bring maximum passing and placement rate.

    As a leading institution for IT network training in the country, we started our program in the year 2015. With headquarters in Mumbai, the training center has been providing training across multiple CISCO systems including Security, Collaboration, Routing & Switching, Data Center, Wireless, Service Provider ETC. The labs are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment are available 24/7 for students of the institution. The Certified pool of trainers with years of experience in networking will be training you.

    Offered by Cisco, CCIE is one of the most prestigious certifications in IT industry which requires its candidates to clear a 3 hour written and an 8-hour laboratory examination. The training is all encompassing and is intent on creating the best engineers in networking.

    Why us?

    With nearly a decade of experience in training individuals to step into the networking world with confidence, we boast of many features that make us unique and a step ahead of our competition.

    What do we offer?

    As part of our training center, we offer in-depth training on a variety of courses in multiple segments. The courses span across

    Who can join?

    You do not need any prerequisite to join the academy and complete your training

    Our mission

    It has been our constant mission to drive our students towards excellence and we work dedicatedly towards achieving the same.

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