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  • Ahamed Rizam
    Best place to learn and practice the networking technology. Thank you Mr. Sancchit Puri for your detailed explanation and guidance.
  • Ajay Bhalla
    Octa network is such great place . To hole world global training Centre . I such a trainer is Jagdish Rathore sir provide training CCNA. / CCNP/ CCIE tramendous.. there his mind set .it's great mentor , trainer , motivations .he is practically Person. Repeated every dout particular topic Clear
  • Farhan Qureshi
    Best place for networking courses with qualified teachers...
  • Ishwari Mhatre
    If any one ask me about cisco CCNA and CCNP training then I would definitely recommend about octa networks as it’s a great experience of mine learning here.
  • Jawahar Annadhurai
    octa networks are experts in networking and every one can learn networking easily by their wonderful teaching
  • Michael Aldo
    nice place to learn and sir is very friendly with all. Best place to learn
  • Omar Monads
    Very good place to learn, convinent ours that fits your work Schedule, Sanchit is one of awesome Instructure I am taking class with, we are not just taking online class just to sit and watch, we actually interact and share Ideas in the class
  • Paramsukhdev Rayjada
    The way teaching is excellent u can teach any one in this world even you have more patience
  • Ravindu Yasanga
    One of my friends recommended about this to me and unfortunately I ignored him for few months. Later I agreed him joined their classes. Since then I was blaming myself for not joining before. They are excellent in technology classes. They have students worldwide . If you want to get your #CCIE_Digit this is the right place for sure. When it comes to RnS classes, Sancchit Puri, You are the best!!!
  • Rehana Sarvaiya
    Best place to learn networks, with experienced and friendly faculty. supportive staff members. beautiful ambience. Thanks #octanetworks.
  • Talib Ansari
    I am pursuing CCNA from Octa Networks. I'm having a very good experience here.As the staff is very friendly in class.And the thing i like the most here is, everything taught in class is also practiced in lab and professor's are very experienced.
  • Sharada Prasad Barik
    Trainers are very good having in-depth knowledge . Mr . Jagdish Rathod is on of the best trainer that I have ever seen . Good luck for him.
  • Vikas jain
    Receiving CCIE RNS lab classes from Sanchit Puri and trust me he is a fine Trainer who explain all the concept and clears doubt of each one before proceeding further. Makes sure everyone understands the concept and is also looking for innovative ways so that class does not get bored.

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